*Sighing* Hey guys.

I’m in a bad mood this week, thanks to a crappy weekend of failure. As I’m sure most of you know, Guild Wars 2 hosted its final open Beta weekend before the release of the game. I had hoped to have some juicy pictures and stuff to show you all, as well as a better idea of the game itself, since I’ve not played any of the previous beta’s. Unfortunately this did not occur, as you may have guessed.  It started off so well, Friday night, creating my avatar, running around the starting zones and generally getting a feel for the game. Then, catastrophe! My internet was down ALL WEEKEND. I had less than an hour of gameplay before life decided that GW2 was too good for me and that I could not have nice things.

So yeah. Pissed off. At least there is still the Planetside 2 beta I suppose. I have priority beta access for that, but I just can’t get excited about non-fantasy MMO’s. No matter how good they are. It just isn’t a setting I have much interest in. Having said that, The Secret World was entertaining, so there is hope yet.

Hopefully you guys had a better experience than I did, I would love to hear from you all about how amazing the game is that I did not get to play. I might strangle you after, but hey, it’s all good.

Keep gaming folks, see you next post.



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