Creative Assembly, not so creative?

Hey guys!

So yesterday, Total War: Rome II was announced for release by Creative Assembly, following their trend of re-making all of their previous games. Much like Medieval II and Shogun II, the game will improve on the original and add extra dimensions to the gameplay. Obviously the game will include better graphics and animations, as well as (hopefully) a more intelligent AI to make battles feel more realistic. That is great, but really, must they re-make every game? Why can’t you just move on to something new and leave the classics alone?

…Oh wait, they tried that, they called it Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War. They weren’t all that good, I remember now.

I have to say I am not at all surprised by this news, as they say themselves in an interview with PCGamer; “it’s the most asked for sequel on the forums.” So why would they not want to do a re-make? Personally I would rather see them move into new territory, I think there is huge scope for Middle east games in several era’s, as well as in China. One could even go so far as to suggest a more modern version, though Paradox might have that nailed with their Hearts of Iron series.

Anyway, I will leave you to make your own minds up about this one. See the videos below for PCGamer interviews with Creative Assembly:

As always, keep gaming!



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