3DS XL: Shipping without an AC

Hey guys!

So Nintendo have anounced that the 3DS XL will be shipped without an AC adaptor, or charger for lay folk. This does only apply to Europe and Japan, Americans will get one.

The reason behind this is to cut the cost of buying the console as many people will have a DS already and thus a working AC to use. That is all well and good, but I know for a fact that on release people will trade in their DS which needs the charger to be included in order to reduce the cost of the new console, so how will they use the thing?

What about those people who didn’t buy the 3DS because it was too small or too awkward to use? They have to buy an accessory on top of the console, which you need in order to use it and should have been with the console in the first place. You cannot work off the assumption that most people have your product, its bad customer service and it is bad business. If I had to buy a console AND then pay even more for something that should be included as standard, then I just would not buy either one. Instead of taking bits out to reduce costs, include everything but still lower the price. Consoles sell at a loss on release anyway, but giving a good deal could increase your sales figues substantially.

Finally, why do Americans get one? I fail to understand why they alone get an AC adaptor… But hey, what do I know?

Let me know your thoughts below!
As ever, keep gaming. 🙂



2 thoughts on “3DS XL: Shipping without an AC

  1. I stopped upgrading my DS a LONG time ago, I refused to even buy it until it shrank the first time, and now it works great for Pokemon and Zelda 😛 there are far too many times that the DS has upgraded, usually on a size change basis, where they could have had two optional sizes from the release of each type of DS. it just forcing people to upgrade more often, which is just moneygrubbing, which in turn pisses me off.

    Also, being inventive is all very well and good, but when your graphics look like something from a decade ago, focussing there for a while shouldn’t be totally out of the question. I mean the Wii seemed to be born for first person shooter games, a genre that Nintendo used to be perfectly happy with (Goldeneye on the N64). looking at the situation now now they simply cant compete in graphics, so no-one buys the console for that over a PS3 or a 360. If they could also compete on a graphical level, they would bring the classic arcade shooter style from old fashioned arcades into not only your living room, but the online gaming age.

    All it would take is a Wii remote and nunchuck holder shaped like an assault rifle. 🙂

  2. I would love to have a 3DS XL ’cause I cannot hold a normal 3DS without getting cramps in my hand since the buttons are awkwardly positioned. However, I do agree that there have been too many variants of the DS. DS lite made it weigh less and had a better screen resolution, DSi was more interactive, then there was the DS XL. At least with the 3DS there are only 2 variants (for now at least).

    I agree that Nintendo need to step up their game a little to compete with Sony and Microsoft, or they will be left in the dirt so far as consoles are concerned. We shall see what the Wii U brings. Probably more Zelda…

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