Steam: Change is in the wind

Hey guys!

Another bit of news for you. According to PCGamer, Valve have announced changes to their platform known to us common folk as ‘Steam’. These changes concern both the application and update processes which Steam hosted games go through.

No longer will Steam choose which games they allow on their service! It will be up to you to vote for the games you want to play. Could this put an end to the quality assurance we currently have from them? Most big titles end up on Steam and a lot of those are less than good, so did we have quality assurance anyway? Regardless, this will mean that games are voted for based on their trailers, which I’m sure you all agree, in no way indicates how good a game will be.

The second change is a hands off approach to updating games on Steam. Content will no longer need approval from Valve before it is released, allowing for more updates to fix issues at a faster rate. Less red tape sounds like an excellent idea to keep people happy. The downside is that Steam is not responsible for any issues that occur as a result of the updates, though big issues would be forwarded to the producers on your behalf.

That is about the sum of it, time will tell if the change is a positive one, though I think it has an equal share of pro’s and con’s.

Let me know what you think!
As always, keep gaming.



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